How long for an 8 year old to swim? JUMP! founder Ian Campbell explains

At JUMP! we often see school aged children who are looking to begin their learning journey. Given many states are landlocked, and not all homes have access to a swimming pool, it is not uncommon for children to only have limited exposure to water until they are progressing through their education at school.

The key with 8 year olds is patience. They all join us at different stages of confidence, but with their existing strength and motor skills with a controlled induction we can see them swimming in a very short period of time.

The strengths of 8 year olds is what we build our tuition around. That is, at the age of 8 they have already developed motor skills and co-ordination, physical strength to propel themselves through water and a level of intelligence that allows them to grasp the individual skills necessary to swim through water.


So breaking this down by learn to swim learning pillars we have:

  • Conditioning: At 8 years old very few children still have a fear of water. They have the peers who enjoy fun in the pool or other water bodies therefore no such conditioning activities are required.
  • Breath Control: An 8 year old understands when they need to hold their breath, and as they develop more confidence they will quickly increase the length of time they are willing to hold their breath underwater.
  • Buoyancy: An 8 year old has a large body size which is not as easily made buoyant through typical body positioning and breath control activities. This puts more focus on the mobility pillar as they are able to be propelled at a higher rate than younger students.
  • Mobility: Given the strength of students at 8 we can have them mobile with the correct skill technical developments. Focus on kicking is crucial to maintaining high body positioning and co-ordination of arms and legs is a key focus.

Overall, we are able to see 8 year olds develop and a much quicker rate. A focus on the breath control and mobility ensures we have a forward movement in the water and careful stroke development allows for children to swim with the most efficient use of energy slowly by increasing distance.

Ian Campbell
Ian CampbellCEO Jump Swim Schools Franchising Corp
Ian Campbell is the CEO of Jump Swim Schools USA.


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